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Proxilliant’s proactive and intelligent Service Health Management solutions enable cable operators worldwide to achieve a dramatic increase in upstream bandwidth capacity and deep visibility into service and network health - for reliability and profitability previously unattainable with VoIP, commercial services, and other advanced two-way services.

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CAMS Key Fetaures and Value Adds

This paper is a 6 slides printout of a PowerPoint presentation that provides a quick and concentrated overview of some important features and value adds of Proxilliant's Cable Access Management System (CAMS). Thanks to recent development, any DOCSIS Performance Monitoring System can now serve as an integrated part of CAMS. For the operator that already has invested in SW tools for DOCSIS performance monitoring, the deployment of Dynamic Ingress Blockers will increase the value of that investment, as the same tools now can be used to get a more granular and deeper visibility into the network, way beyond node level.

CAMS with dIb: The migration path to FTTH

This paper consider the fact that more than 70% of Ingress and Noise originates from the subscriber premises and the drop cables. A deep fiber solution will reduce the number of active devices in the network but will NOT reduce the dominating Noise/Ingress from the subscriber premises. As several mini nodes in a deep fiber solution normally are combined to one CMTS input port, the funneling effect of Noise and Ingress is also a factor. Considering this a dIb deployment can be a natural migration path to the FTTH network.

DOCSIS Performance and Dynamic Ingress Blocking

In this summary DOCSIS performance data such as Codeword Error Rate (CER) and Correctable Codeword Rate (CCR) is used to investigate DOCSIS performance in a node with severe ingress. DOCSIS performance is measured and compared when the Ingress/Noise Reduction feature of Proxilliant Cable Access Management Systems (CAMS) is Activated versus Deactivated.

REDEFINING MTTR: Systematic Service Assurance
at Charter Communications

In this article featured in the July issue of Communications Technology, Charter's Keith Hayes and Proxilliant's Rick Berthold describe a newly defined MTTR that was implemented as part of a pilot deployment of Proxilliant's Cable Access Management System at Charter Communications.

This new MTTR approach includes not only the time to repair, but also the component costs associated with the nine steps necessary to ensure service quality and desired throughput in an increasingly complicated operations environment.  This deployment of CAMS gave Charter a view into the potential of embedded network intelligence to achieve new highs in operations efficiency and network availability goals.  more>


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