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Upstream bandwidth
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Greater Upstream Bandwidth Capacity and Availability
With it's patented Dynamic Ingress Blocking (dIb) technology Proxilliant's proactive and intelligent Cable Access Management (CAMS) solutions reveals and pinpoint the source of ingress in the network, at the same time effectively reducing quality eroding noise and the impact of ingress. The solution enables cable operators worldwide to achieve a dramatic increase in upstream bandwidth and capacity together with deep visibility into service and network health.

Proactive Service Management Solution
Proxilliant’s Cable Access Management System was designed with the unique requirements of the HFC access network in mind, enabling cable operators worldwide to achieve the demanding service reliability and bandwidth availability demands for VoIP and other two-way services. With Proxilliant’s CAMS, cable operators can proactively, confidently and profitably advance toward carrier-class service performance:

  • Increase available upstream bandwidth capacity potentially two-or four-fold by evolving to higher level modulation schemes -- made possible by dramatic ingress reduction.
  • Generate additional service revenue by deploying VoIP and other advanced services in the newly recovered bandwidth capacity.
  • Reduce troubleshooting time and cost by precisely isolating issues through CAMS’ deep visibility into the network – from the node level to a cluster of typically 35 homes
  • Advance toward carrier-class service performance with real-time and integrated visibility of service health across RF, IP and QoS.
  • Control operating costs as customer base grows, with a proactive, automated, and scaleable approach to network and service health.
  • Reduce service credits and downstream operational implications by downscaling impact areas from entire nodes to typically 35-home clusters

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