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About Proxilliant

Proxilliant Systems provides proactive and intelligent Service Management solutions to cable operators worldwide, enabling them to deliver VoIP, commercial services and other advanced two-way services reliably and profitably. With intelligence deployed deep in the cable access network combined with the industry’s first managed ingress suppression and analysis technology, Proxilliant’s solutions enable a dramatic increase in upstream bandwidth capacity and clear visibility into service and network health previously unattainable.

More than ever before, as VoIP is aggressively deployed as part of compelling multi-service bundles, cable operators require the kind of proactive, real-time approach to service management that Proxilliant delivers in order to scale their businesses profitably.

Proxilliant’s industry-leading solution, its Cable Access Management System, was designed around the unique needs of the cable industry’s HFC networks. An integrated hardware and software solution, CAMS features Dynamic Ingress Blockers deployed deep into the access network that work in concert with sophisticated Service Health Manager software deployed in a central head-end or data center. Together, they provide comprehensive and automated views of service and network health across RF, IP and QoS layers and well beyond just the node level – to clusters of typically 35 subscriber homes or less.

Headquartered in Nacka Strand, Stockholm, Sweden, Proxilliant was founded around mature and patented technology. Today, Proxilliant sells it proven solutions around the world, with deployments in the U.S., Europe and Asia. By working with the leading cable infrastructure and OSS vendors, Proxilliant is ensuring powerful and seamless solutions that achieve remarkable levels of operational efficiency. The company also has strategic manufacturing and distribution relationships to serve our customers in North America and worldwide.


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