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Root Cause Analyzer

The Root Cause Analyzer provide powerful user features for intelligently interfacing with and correlating real-time events from SHM, as well as third-party HFC elements, element managers, and network management systems. In addition, events can be correlated across elements with operational policies over dynamic, configurable time periods to create validated, actionable alarms. Qualified alarms, based on additional configurable logic, can be enriched with real-time secondary status data, static configuration information, or dynamic provisioning data for complete scope of failure reporting - key requirements for intelligent, automated ticket creation and data field population.

The Root cause analyzer provides the following key features:

  • Automated, as well as on-demand test and root-cause analysis of multiple 'symptom' events across RF, IP, and QoS layers  
  • Scope of failure determination across critical elements with customers and services effected  
  • Real-time correlated reporting and ticket automation of qualified events with complete actionable information  


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